Spiraling Sanity

Dazed and Confused

A Trip to the Ruins

Dazed and Confused (June 31, 530)

The party descended into the Ruins of Woe, and quickly found it wrought with the undead and general evil. They plowed their way through ghouls and skeletons, all the while carefully surveying the ruins for any hint as to what the place was. Ein deduced that the place was previously a city, likely built and destroyed during the Age of Myth. The skeletons there were not normal humanoids and seemed to resemble a primordial human/elf. The ‘Fountain of Life’ the players encountered seemed to have a profound effect on the surrounding trees, making them into some sort of ironwood, nigh unbreakable. The ghast that was found in the accounting office gave no trouble to the adventurers, as Molok was able to enlarge himself and beat it in melee combat with no issue. The players captured Harlem in the ruins and got information from him. A red haired man forced him to kill those people the prior year in Dayle, likely through some kind of corrupting influence. The party was able to find out that the rapier that Harlem carried was unholy and could taint the mind of the wielder. Daniel, son of Nairv broke the weapon for them in his shop. Unfortunately, Harlem was killed as he entered the jail, and the players were unable to catch the assassin. Molok cashed in the bounty, only to meet the Spymaster at the Exchequers office. He has suspicions that the Spymaster is the assassin, given the fact that he would not take off his hood and wore a similarly colored clothing to the killer (A black cloak, though the Spymaster lacked the weaponry). Molok was able to convince the assistant at the front desk to keep an eye out on the Spymaster.

The Spymaster offered the party a job, that of escorting a prominent Elven diplomat from Dayle to Southdock. The pay is high and the danger is only moderate. Molok and Girdon intend to bring the inquisitive sorcerer, Ein along.



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